Camp, School and Sports Physicals

If your child is enrolling in school, going to a new camp, or participating in sports, they will typically have to go through some type of screening or have a physical. These physicals are different than a yearly physical which is more comprehensive and requires more information, a the child’s complete health history, and a complete physical exam.

This physical is specifically required for school, sports and camps. The organization your child is participating with will let you know if one of these exams is required.

What To Bring To Your Child’s Physical

In order to help expedite the process and make things more convenient, you may download the appropriate form below, and fill it out prior to your visit.

It’s best to get your physicals completed as early as possible. Waiting until the deadline may delay your child’s enrollment, or prevent them from being able to participate in sports or camp.

After the physical, we will provide you with any of the required paperwork for your child’s school or camp. Contact us at (571) 402-7130 to make an appointment for camp, school, and sports physicals in Woodbridge, VA.